Tangen to an Inner Circle or to Spline or to an Off Setted sketch

Dear Support Shapr3D

I am attaching picture of SIMPLE sketches which you all can make these sketches on your device.
i have been facing these unsolve issues for a while, and i do hope Shapr3D Support or the Shapr3D Community can help me.

Basically, its about TANGEN !
Tangen to a SPLINE, to a CIRCLE, and to an OFF SETTED sketches.

Look forward to your advice!

Select both, and press the tangent button on the left.

Hi, Istivan…
I had followed the video tutorial which also the same as your advice,
The result each of the tangen are not the way which i intended:

Case 1
The small circle is inside the big circle,
After we use the function Tangen, the small circle touching the OUTSIDE of big circle
(While i EXPECT the small circle touching the INSIDE of the big circle, because the origin of the small circle is inside the big circle and also still touching the straight line.)

Case 2
The Tangen function DOES NOT come out (it does not give an option for me to select Tangen function).

Case 3-A
The small circle goes to the OPPOSITE side of the curve. (Kind of touching the inner / the off setted straight line)

Case 3-B
Yes, this one WORKS well, it touches the out side of the larger curve.

Case 4
The result after using the Tangen function, the small circle tangen to the outside of the curve
While, i am expecting the small circle to touch the inside of the curve, because the origin of the small circle is inside the curve !

Hope you can help me with this issues.

Spline circle tangency is not supported yet.

The start position of the curves matter, if you want inner tangency, then move the circle first to the side where you want it, and then press the tangent button.

I tried this for the circle in a circle and it did not work for me. The inside circle will always jump to the out side of enclosing circle. Also tried different moves, etc.

Perhaps we need a bit more detailed explanation or video? Thanks

We are in the middle of replacing our sketch engine, beta is coming soon :slight_smile: but that’s a secret!

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