Tangency for curved surfaces

Hi everyone,
I’ve been using Shapr 3D for about 6 months and I’m very excited by the feature set and UX.
There is a certain type of shape I cannot make as precise and clean as I like and I wonder if you could suggest a certain workflow. I’m trying to get shapes like these:
I can do this very easily when the curvature has only one direction but hard time doing it for shapes that have 2 degrees of curvature. I need clean tangency at one end, basically have the recessed surface flushed perfectly with the main surface. And I’d like to to this NOT by using fillets but rather sketkes and constraints like in this shape bellow:
Looking forward to your answer.

Here’s one way.


Wow, thank you for taking the time to look into it! The method you showed me doesn’t apply 100% to the case I’m working on because I’m working with more arbitary shapes (not spheres or elipsoids). But you actually gave me an idea! Please check this out:

As you can see the tangecy is not that rigurous but it’s getting closer. Any suggestions on improving the approach?

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