Tapered Sides

I’m designing a cup holder for a wheel chair.

I’m wondering how to create tapers.

I need two different tapers.

  1. I’m creating a ring for a cup to slide into. It needs a slightly tapered inner surface.

  2. I’m creating a dovetail to slide the rings connection into. How do I create the two tapered parts of the dovetail.



Hi David,
Maybe I can help you out:

The last step shows how to make the dovetail conical, so it can clamp itself into the groove.
Cheers Matt


Thanks. I got the dovetail portion done, but I’m not sure about the angled ring.

I basically have a 3d ring drawn but want to angle the inner wall slightly so a cup will pressure fit. Not sure how to accomplish that.

Here’s what I have.

You can subtract the cup from the cup holder or ring.

Sketch the section of the angeled ring and rotate it with revolve around the axis.