Terms and conditions update

5.5. Customer warrants and represents to Shapr3D that, when using the Application and/or uploading Customer Content, it shall not:

(a) share, upload or otherwise use misleading or incorrect information and/or data;

(b) upload material which infringes the Intellectual Property Rights or other rights of any third party (either through uploading or further use by other Customers as contemplated by these Terms and/or allowed by the Application);

(c) upload any content praising, promoting, encouraging or inciting terrorism, racism, revisionism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, hate speech, discrimination, human trafficking, organised crime, illegal organisations or activities, self-injury, suicide, torture, cruelty to animals, apology of war crimes, sexual exploitation of children and/or adults, or cults;

Most of this makes plenty of sense, and I understand obvious violations of this, but am I going to lose my access to shapr3d if I make my own version of the Starship Enterprise, or make a Stratocaster body for my own personal non-resale use?

In case if these actions are copyright violations, and the copyright owner notifies us, we might terminate the account, yes. But we don’t (and can’t) scan your data for copyright violations of course.

Going deeper into that, say it’s ‘just’ for education/practice, or a spoof on the product.

If Amazon basics exists I believe chances are low any legal action would be worth taking.

Reverse engineering is not illegal. One cannot patent an idea, only an implementation.

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Love to see how you can sketch something in a CAD app that is homophobic, or sexist.