Terms of Use clarification

Before I jump in to shapr3d can I get some clarification on the terms of use. I wouldn’t consider myself an intellectual property rights lawyer, or even a smart man really, but the terms of service seems to indicate that shapr3d owns everything in the app including my designs. I’ve bolded the part that caught my eye but per the terms of use, does shapr3d own the property rights to a users designs on the app?

  1. Intellectual property: The content, any materials downloaded, and all intellectual property pertaining to or contained on the Application (including but not limited to copyrights, patents, database rights, graphics, designs, text, logos, trade dress, trademarks, and service marks) are owned by us or third parties who have granted us the rights to use them.All rights, title, and interest in these remain the property of Shapr3D and/or such third-party owner, as applicable. All content is protected by trade dress, copyright, patent, and trademark laws.

No, we don’t. This is about the content in the app that we create. Eg. the icons, the images etc.


Thank you for the timely response. On a personal note, it really means something to me when company leadership is directly involved and is straight to the point. Excellent work, thank you.