Terrible performances lately

I’ve been encountering a recurring issue, particularly with sketches. After isolating an element and starting a sketch, the performance takes a nosedive. Sometimes, it’s extremely challenging to precisely target a point.

I suspect this slowdown is due to the size of my assembly, which currently stands at around 2500. However, I don’t recall experiencing such significant sluggishness before the latest big update.

What are my options for addressing this issue? Please, I’m in desperate need of a solution.

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Totally agree

Currently none. There’s been a lot of back and forth about performance. A lot of denial, gaslighting, and frustration. The answer is to wait for the new release which removes the HBPM with collapse history (has to be done continuously, not a toggle) and hopefully improves the performance issues.


Same issue for me but it’s anytime I sketch. Not just when in isolation mode.

I isolate every time, but same problem if I do not.

Performance issues never seen before creeping up with ver Version 5.603.0 (6875) on a Mac M2 and iPad Pro (2018), especially related to:

(1) realtime movement of imported objects STL files
(2) opening projects stall and spin on “loading” for upwards of 5 minutes, even empty projects

I love this software so much it feels a bit painful to complain here…but this worries me.

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Can you share a problematic design?

This is a known issue, we are working on improving it.

(1) Happens with most everything now (ie. drawing a line it will freeze up). After testing, it may be project specific.

(2) Some projects are almost entirely unusable at the moment. I’m going to list a few things that seems suspicious and/or recently changed, if useful:

[a] History functionality: history + my use of large STL files. Shapr3d is the ONLY software that lets me do anything remotely close to what I want to do with scan data on an iPad. It definitely stretched the limits but remained bulletproof with nothing changing in my workflow.

[b] 2018 iPad on OS 17.5 (will iPad M4 improve any of this?)

[c]. Latest version of Shapr3d

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