Problems after latest update

Sorry guys, this update is nasty.
I can’t copy some maps containing drawings, cant change the angle of this maps anymore.
When I delete some sketches the 3D blocks also disappear.
The icons of constraints obstruct smooth drawing at the end of the lines.

I really struggle now. It’s becoming more differently to draw.

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Hi Arnoud, sorry to hear that. What do you mean by maps?

This is by design, we’ve introduced parametric modeling. You can find many new tutorials on our youtube channel. Here is a 10 minute overview:

folders with 3D figures and drawings cannot be copied. The slope cannot be adjusted either.

I have hidden all the projects here, why are the sketches still displayed?

Hi @Istvan, Thank you for the explanation. Unfortunately, this does not solve my problem. The program has become extremely slow and is no longer usable. Simple modeling is certainly ok the way you explained it. I came to Shaper3D back then because it was easy to use - even if I hadn’t worked with it for several weeks, it was super helpful. Now it steals my time and I can’t work with it.
What is the solution to return to the old system?
Greetings Markus

We are aware of some performance issues that can affect large(multi-thiusand parts) designs and very complex geometry (eg. lot of text) in some cases. We are working on fixing these performance issues. If you can share the designs confidentially we can make sure that the performance gets back to normal for your designs. It’s not possible to restore the previous version.

Hello @Istvan,
Thank you for your feedback. I had the impression over the last few days that the speed has improved somewhat. Unfortunately, I’m not really getting anywhere. I’ve already tried creating new constructions separately in a separate project and then adding them to the big project - I’m getting desperate as I’m wasting hours and days of valuable working time…
I would like to share one of my projects with you confidentially - can you contact me personally?
Best regards and thanks for your help.

You can send it to

I send you a link to download the file.

Thanks, I took a look. The performance issue is due to the problems that I mentioned above with large assemblies.

  • your design has 2500 parts
  • there are 1000+ history steps

With the 5.620 release you’ll be able to collapse the history, and we’re making some adjustments that will make multi-thousand part assemblies faster.

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Hi @Istvan,
Thank you very much for your feedback. Yes, I have also seen that the file is now about 500MB in size.
When can we expect release 5.620 and where can we see the current release?
It would be helpful if there was a simple way to export assemblies and only upload them again when needed - without the detour of saving, copying, adapting, reducing etc. up to importing them again.
Is there any way to select an assembly and only export this assembly?
All the best

If you Isolate it, you can export the visible parts.

Next week. We are releasing new versions every two weeks.

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Many thanks for your fast help :+1:t3: