Text along a path?

Hi guys, can anyone advise how can I add text along a path? Eg. on a circle I need the text to follow the perimeter of the circle.

Thank you.

Hi. This option of adding text on the curve is not possible in Shapr3D right now. I hope Shapr3D add this feature in soon because sometimes I need add text on the curve too. So we will see in the future.

Can you give more details?

Do you need something like this?

Or you need to put letters on the face of the extruded circular body?

Try this…Accurate method to wrap a sketch around a cone

Hi @Xdrakosha, How do I do the first option? Does it have to be in the middle of the line? Can I do the Text above/on the circle? Thank you in advance!!

I’ve used move tool and position letters on their places. There is no automatic tool for that. But everything can be positioned quite precisely manually.

Only you decide where it will be.

@Xdrakosha thank you!

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: If you’ll struggle to hard with that I will make a video how that can be done.