Add text on circle

How do I add text on a circle ? I am designing a medal and was wondering how to add text on it !

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There is a recent thread showing how to do that. I can’t find it atm as I’m at work and don’t have time, but it was posted in the last week or so and should be easy enough to find…

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Sorry but I was not able to search that topic.

Found it.

In that method we can add text only on the side of the cylinder .
I want the text on top of the cylinder.

This is the feature I’m most looking forward to at present. Unfortunately, the response of the Shapr3D team is that this is beyond their consideration.

This is a reply from the official website. I’m sorry.

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I use Light Burn for arcing text. Then I export DXF that can be imported into Shapr3D. There are several tools that can do this sort of thing until that is available natively in Shapr3D.



Thank you sir. But I did it manually.