Text engraving on a surface, export to DXF files fails

I added text to a 3D panel and made it to engrave the panel. When exporting the file as DXF, the panel laser printing companies complain that they cannot read the text and discards it. They recommend to explode ( in CAD) or create outlines (in Illustrator) with the text to make them filled instead of consisting of hairlines as they appear in the DXF files.

How can I label the text “embossed” on my 3D panel such that the resulting 2D DXF files represents the text appropriately for a laser printing company to emboss it?


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Can you export just the text part of the sketch as a DXF instead of the whole project? try it if you haven’t. Do they allow you to send multiple files on the same project? If so export it normally and then hide the bodies and export export the text part of the sketch.