Import text from AI

I wrote my text on illustrator then import in dxf format however some letter does not extrude.
It’s different according to the font. With font : Eds Market Bold Script, the e doesn’t work, and with Daily Grind, the z… tanks for your answers.

Hi, can you please upload the files to let us take a look at them? Please also tell me the version of Shapr3D you are using.
If the files are confidential, we are happy to help you at

you might need to check YouTube there are enough vids out there for exporting the correct or better said the working version of dxf by exporting. may be try the illustrator file to export from mac or pc then import it in to your ipad as you have more save as options on a computer.

My illustrator is 2015 version. Looking at the DXF export dialog box there are a few things to try. Have you messed with the settings? Outline text looks promising.