Text tool use unclear…

Text tool have received severa upgrades since the lauch of shapr3d app but I still does not understant how to use it seamless.
If I follow the manual/help I figure out that the text I engrave on a pre selected face is not exported with my model in 3dmf format.
If I want to make sure text is present in the final exported object I need to extrude the text sketch like 1 mm inside the face of my object.
Please develop the text tool help and use case in the help page.

Attached : at this stage letter L is not exported nor visible in visualisation screen

Hi Michel,
No sketches are exported in .3mf format, it doesn’t matter that it is text… you wouldn’t get a circle or rectangle either. If you are 3D printing, I suggest to extrude a multiple of your layer height; for example 0.15 layer gets extrusion of .15, .3, .45 etc. These numbers can be either positive or negative, to emboss or deboss. You don’t have to extrude 1mm.

Also to use it seamless, be advised that some fonts work better than others. (That is in the manual, but can be frustrating when some characters do not extrude.)

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OK I get it this is the way I felt I should use this feature.
Before I though it was mandatory to do a projection of the letters.
To me, (I’m software dev myself) the help text lacks this precision.
Thanks for the font advice too