Text -> operation resulted in invalid curve

Hello! I have the following issue:

I have created a body and added text to it (see screenshot below) - everything went fine. Than I have created exactly the same body in a new document and wanted to add a different text to it (see second sreenshot), but this time I get the error-message “operation resulted in invalid curve”.

I’m pretty sure, that I have taken the same steps in both documents. Does anyone know, why it doesn’t work the second time?

Thank you!


It depends on the text and the font. Not every text generates a valid sketch, and even when they do, not all of them generate a valid body. Simply there are way too many letters and fonts to guarantee that every one of them works. I would try another, similar looking font, maybe it will work better.

It is the same font on both documents. Only the words are different. “super plus” worked, as you can see, “normal” didn’t go through. Well, I’ll try a different font… Thanks for your reply!!

It depends on the text. You could go down and find which letter is problematic, however even if you find it, there is probably no way to fix it. Since “super plus” worked, the problem is likely with the letters n, m, or a (o is usually not a problem).

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