Text Problem

Tried using concept to generate DXF file but Shapr3D doesn’t want to import the file. I can import the file into solid works with no problems. Thanks for any help!

Hi Brotus, what happens when you try to import the file, does the app crash or do you get an error message?
Please can you share the file here or send it to us via this link: Submit a request – Shapr3D Help Desk
We will look into it and then get back to you as soon as possible.

Same for me. After import I get this:

I created the DXF file in QCAD (new document with just the text, saved as DXF).

That’s exactly what happens for me!


Issue submitted, thank you

Hello! I checked the file and it seems like Concepts is no longer exporting texts as sketches, it became a text object which is currently not supported in the modeling space if Shapr3D.
To import texts, please make sure that it is exported as curves or outlines instead of a text object

ps.: I did not find an option for this setting in Concepts :frowning:

Do you know of any other apps that support this?

Ah, thanks for the hint. After converting the text to outlines in QCAD, the exported DXF is shown as text again in my Shapr3D design. :pray:

QCAD? I don’t see this in the APP store

QCAD is an Open Source desktop app for macOS, Linux and Windows.
I only work on a Mac.


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I don’t know for iPad :confused:

Ok, thank you! Any news on implementing texts in newer releases?


Hi @Brotus,

We’ve finally added the Text tool with the 5.30 release. Thanks for your patience & happy modeling!