Importing Vector art

As a 3d designer that is also a graphic designer, I use Adobe AI on my ipad along with other vector art based apps. I can design complicated sketches in these apps but they don’t offer the export of DXF files. Only SVG or vector PDF. Neither of which are importable to the Shapr3D app. I posted a couple years ago about this issue because all I wanted to do was add text. That’s been solved but now I have other complicated text formats I can not do like place text of a curve or circle.

This is also very difficult to do in a cad app or program so I have to do this in the vector art apps. I don’t understand how you can allow for the exporting of SVG from the drawing portion of Shapr3D and not allow the importing of SVG.

Please make this happen for the artist that need it. Not all text is linear.

there are several free online tools to convert your design to .dxf. @RevenueMonkey found a good one in a recent thread with similar topic.

Thank you. That will be helpful for now. My other current work around is to jump on my pc and creat what i need in Adobe AI to export too dxf. Just can’t do that from the app version.