Text support

I need text support desperately now. A while back, Daniel had contacted me following up on my feature requests and this is my sole main one. Being able to create shape scratches using text and fonts as well as adding notes to objects and layers. But now I read here that it hasn’t even made the short list. This makes Shapr3D barely usable for my purposes so will likely be forced into reverting to Fusion360 or find another service which can. No one on other forum posts has been able to point to other tools on iPad that can output dxf files or something else usable by Shapr3D to make text or sketch objects. Using those Alphabet.shapr prebuilt objects is tedious, especially as we also STILL do not have a simple object copy-paste tool.

Guys, you’ve really got to sort this out. 1 more month without and I’m gone.

Pro subscriber.

Hey Sean - we won’t have text in that timeframe, unfortunately.

This said, @Yepher did a pretty cool app that makes importing texts super easy. Would that help?
Here is his forum thread on the topic: My Custom Text Helper - #7 by Yepher

App: ‎Text To Drawing on the App Store

It’s not a bad half-way-house. But we could really do what it being built in and capable of using curves/arcs rather than straight lines. I’ve purchased his app and it works for some things. Some detailed fonts do not extrude at all. I tried an S using Bradley Hand font and after importing into Shapr3D and extruding it said ‘failed to extrude’ in both directions.

The Drawings exporter with annotations is nice but again, it would be nice to have these annotations available in the main app. It should also allow you to SAVE the annotations you place for an object or you have to keep doing them over for each iteration.