The new iPad Pro is a huge milestone for Shapr3D

Dear Shapr3D users,

We could not be more excited about the new iPad Pro and the new iPadOS. I summarized my thoughts in the article below, and we would love to hear what you think!


Looks interesting with the new iPad Pro. Could the LiDAR be used to scan object and humans? Any info about the resolution? Can we expect something like the Structure Sensor/iSense?


It does look great. My own purposes around 3D design don’t necessarily fit well with what Shapr is doing, though I really like the program. I expect this will be a definite sales booster. The trick will be making it more than a gimmick.

Good luck!

I have the 2020 12.9” iPad Pro. And Magic keyboard. GREAT,GREAT, Great combination. Loooove it!
I am hoping that 3D scanning can happen and be very simple to use. Then when I go to a classic car event. I can just walk around the car and have it as a 3D model almost ready to print. Or edit the model so I can create hinges so I can open the doors and hood.
But more that that we need a Slicer app. The iPad can do it. I want it! Yes, we can connect to a Raspbery Pi. But I want it as an App on my iPad. Then anywhere I am I can set up my slicer and be ready to go. I am getting a dongle so if I need any external ports I will have them. Also, I use Simplifi3D right now. But I need a PC or Mac to run it on. One point; I have a 2011 Mac Book Pro that I am running Simplify3D on right now. So if that old of a computer can do it; then this new iPad can do it.


Greetings John,

I’m awaiting delivery of my new iPad Pro + Magic keyboard sometime in May. I concur with everything you say. I too use Simplify3D, and it is on my desktop iMac. It would be great if the Simplify3D team would port an app for the iPad. We are still waiting for their new upgrade that was supposed to happen last quarter I believe. But then again, having some experience with app development, I can see why there may be delays. I’d rather have a robust app than one released with bugs to fix. Anyway, the new iPad Pro will take us to the next level. Looking forward to it.

Regards, Mike

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I really like the app. I’m an architectural designer looking to use the app to survey existing buildings. I use Revit. So could I potentially purchase an iPad Pro tomorrow and create building models using your app? Can this model be imported into Revit? Thanks

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Isn’t there a slicer that would work? There are slicer plugins for octoprint and that’s running off your pi so I would think there has to be a way to run on iPad.

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