I was told there would be Lidar

…and somebody stole my stapler.
But seriously, yours is the only 3D app I’ve seen that features use of the LIDAR camera in the creation process, which is why I downloaded it. It is an awesome app in itself, and I will definitely keep using it and even consider the extremely steep cost of going pro (in prosumer terms, that is) if you can showcase rapid construction supported by lidar data. Ideally, I would like to be able to use it to create models of real life environments for room scale VR.

But looking around, LIDAR and the features showcased in the apple demo video is nowhere to be found. Not in the manual, not in this forum, nowhere. What am I missing? Is there a beta program? If so, I would love to be on it.

Again, kudos for a kickass app. I would hope you could find a feature set and corresponding price range somewhere below the full pro level, which again I realize is cheap compared to professional CAD software.

EDIT: I did find your info on the forums. So my question is answered. I really, really look forward to trying this feature, as I have high hopes it will enable me to do some really cool stuff in the VR space. But I am also really, really glad I took the time to research this before I activated my two-week pro demo. Again, ponder what if any features distinguishes a professional CAD user like an architect from general tech-nerds like myself and see if you can find a feature set and price range for that user demographic. One feature I would love is the ability to export one object, at least, in all the standard 3D formats available in the pro version. This to evaluate the outputted models in terms of compability with apps like Unreal Engine, Substance Painter and Unity.


Hi @Klas Welcome to the Forum
Well done for Searching and succeeding in finding the answer you needed.
Rear assured that the S3D Team pump out frequent updates, keep your eye on Announcements.
I regularly browse Search for an appropriate Word or Term selected randomly, and find that despite having read most of the Threads interesting and previously unknown aspects surface.

Happy S3Ding


What? I was excited to see the demo of the product on the Apple site and it is just what I need. I ordered the new pro for this feature and went on this site and there was no mention of LIDAR! I was ready to order the product and did a search only to discover that the feature was NOT available! Why didn’t you mention that the feature demonstrated was maybe some time in the future? Very disappointed…

Hi @Phodeaux, I totally understand your disappointment. In the end of the video, there is a disclaimer, that the showcased features are not yet available in the demoed applications, and unfortunately we did not have much control over what goes into that video and what does not. That being said, with iOS14 we have new APIs, that hopefully will get us much closer to deliver the LiDAR functionality in Shapr3D, but we will need more investigation to figure out how and when, as the new APIs were just announced yesterday.

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I like how Apple showcased your app in the " platform state of the Union" at a round 52:30 (lidar starts I’m at 51:00)

Maby Shapr3D will be used in the IPhone 12 keynote when they showcase the lidar on that one too?

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I’m using ScandyPro and I’d love to have the scanning native to shapr. Any suggestions for workflow using mesh scans?