The wrong lines are moving when I modify dimensions…

I am trying to position one sketch inside another sketch. So for example, sketch1 might be some sort of a rectangle. Then I offset a plane, and start sketch2. Lets say that’s a triangle type shape… I want to tie the triangle to the rectangle with a couple dimensions… but I can’t pick any lines of the rectangle.

So then I project the lines of the rectangle onto the plane I created… Now I can add dimensions between the projected rectangle and the triangle… problem is, instead of the triangle moving, the projected lines of the rectangle are moving… How do I keep the projected lines of the rectangle from moving?

You have two options:

  1. Lock the sketch that you don’t want to move
  2. Control which sketch moves when adding the constraint by the selection’s order

I’m not quite sure what you are trying to do but this might help.
You can connect a line in 3D space from the triangle to the square sketch by adding a construction plane using 3 points. After that, you can adjust the length of that new line and raise or lower the triangle with respect to that new line.