Threaded insert or hole

I am trying to create a threaded insert or hole in my 3d model to accept a screw and I experimented using a screw step up model I downloaded from McMaster and tried inserting the screw at various lengths into another shapeI used using different subtraction methods so that all that is left is the hole with screw threads.

I got it to work the first time and I am not sure what I did because I was trying so many variations I could not replicate it again when I tried to make another threaded hole. I know that when I did it I was able to drag the shape of the screw threads into screw hole to the length Into the body I needed and I do not remember using extrude to do that.

I can’t find any videos on this. No matter how many times I tried this I cannot replicate my initial success. Any ideas how I should try to make a threaded home or insert?

Thank you.

The download from McMaster is the fastest, and best method in my opinion. If your working on the same file, and have edited it many times, sometimes you can lose some component integrity or have just too many steps involved. Starting from the beginning, create your shape, import the component from McMaster, align them as desired, then either Union them, or subtract one from the other.

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I did as directed and started a new drawing. It worked. Thank you.

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