Title Block

Good day to all in the Shapr3D community. New user here, first time posting.

I had the app for a while but did not give it any time. I have been using it for few few weeks now.

My question is simple and I have not found any response after quick searching the forum.

Is there any way to generate title blocks and insert different views of the same part (solidworks style).

If not I believe that feature would be very usefull.




Title blocks are usually created as a template, which Shapr3D does not have yet. What you can do is the following: Before exporting sketches as drawing, edit it. You create the title block manually and it will be shown on the drawing.
If you create some title blocks independently, they can be imported to sketches when you need them in the future.

Here is a video, I hope it helps:

Thanks for the advise. I will try.

Tx again.