How to Generate 2D drawings from 3D object

Hey everyone, wondering if it’s possible to easily generate 2-D drawings from a 3-D object that I’ve created in cheaper 3-D? Often I create 2-D drawings to create a 3-D body, but that 3-D body changes over time as I iterate and then I no longer have a useable 2-D drawing. Is it possible to select the lines or edges and generate a drawing quickly?

Currently I have to select a related face on the plane I want to generate from and draw a line to each edge of the 3D body (sorry unable to attach photo, dont know how while on the iPad) and then delete those inner lines to leave me with the 2D drawing, and then I can move that drawing around.

If there is a better way to do this please let me know! Thank you.


Here is what I mean. I have a need for this because I often need to reuse those drawings to form a new 3D body without exiting Shapr. The example you showed above is exporting the drawing, which is very useful, however it would very helpful to be able to manipulate those drawings within Shapr3D.