Rendering workflow suggestions?

Hey everyone. I’ve completed a few models that I’d like to get out of shapr3d to render for product design. Generally I render in Maya with Arnold, but does anyone have a good recommendation of rendering workflow for shapr3d models?.

Looking for a way to export, (automatic uving if possible), then render.

I assume the iPad wouldn’t have any high quality renderer currently in shapr3d or from another company?

I could also export the cad files and open in fusion360, I think that one has a good rendering engine.


Is there a reason you don’t want to use the Shapr3D obj -> Meshlab -> (obj with texture) workflow that I detailed here a few days ago? You can then edit the material and shader or do further conversions for whatever app you choose for rendering.

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No that could be an option, this is not about your unity response. This is for motion graphics/design. So don’t care about getting it real-time ready. More quickly getting the mesh in and having a faster setup