Total Hours on a particular file

I was wondering if it would be possible to have a time/hour/minute counter that could be displayed for a particular file/design. Basically a time counter for screen time for each design. This would really help track the design time when charging clients by “the hour”.

I’m not sure really where that would be displayed, in an info menu somewhere?

I know there is a screen time for the iPad but i would rather not have to write it down for each file. At the end of the design process it would be so handy to see how much screen time on the design.

Any thoughts? Thanks.



That’s not a bad idea. It could be based on the times we open and close a file after working on it.

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This is an interesting idea.

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Not sure I’d like to count the hours it’s taken me to get back to square one

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@jb7 Yes, I might find it embarrassing at times, realising I’d spent so many hours on a simple project :worried:

Haha, I might be scared to see how much time I’ve spent in the past learning the app too. I usually I have an idea of the hours I have in the project (and how much time I had to redo things) but I would love to be more accurate on the hours worked/billed.

It would be cool if it counts actual screen so it doesn’t count time when the file is open but the ipad is asleep or whatever they call it.

Love the program. I use it daily and its had a def impact on our businesses. Thanks!