Tracing image without selecting image

Hi there

I’ve imported an image I want to trace a spline onto, but, when I trace it, I’m constantly selecting the image. Any ideas how I can make the image unselectable?

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Hi - it’s a less than ideal solution, but if you want to deselect ( I assume this is when you accidentally select the image) zoom out a little bit, and tap next to the picture.

We have some ideas on how to make this better, and we will work on it. Thanks for the report :slight_smile:

Hi Dan,
Yeah I can deselect ok, I just want to know how to ensure I don’t select. For eg the cyclist helmet demo on YouTube, splines are traced over the image, but the image doesn’t get selected.

Actually, though I hate too say it, but I think it’s just a case of handling the splinetool/pencil correctly.

Did anything happen with this? 2020 talking. Can the image be made unselectable by then pen, perhaps until reset by some checkbox in the items pallet