Sketch plane selection vs. object selection

Hey there.
Recently I´m facing problems with the selection of objects.

While clicking on the object the object´s sketch plane gets selected instead. The weird thing about it is that the selected sketch plane is not marked in the side bar, so in order to select my object I have to click trough all the active sketch planes and hide them to find the one blocking my object.

Is it a bug? Usually sketch planes are marked active in the side bar when clicking on them.

I think it would be really nice if the selection would be a bit smarter =) f.e. clicking once on an object the sketch gets selected clicking again the object gets selected.

Cheers from Berlin
Bildschirmaufnahme 2022-09-28 um 09.02.18

and I forgot to mention that I did not make the frame´s rectangular sketches. they were made automatically.


Could you please open a support ticket and upload your workspace so we can look into this issue clearly?

Thank you