Transparancy on materials in visualisation mode

Hello, I was wondering is there a way that in the visualisation mode materials can be made transparant? for example i did draw a reservoir in polypropylene material. In real this material is slightly transparant. In the reservoir i also added some sensors and did draw in the “liquid”. Funny enough Shapr can’t display this (or i am doing something wrong) Either way for the purpose of presentation it would be good if transparant materials are translucent enough to display parts behind it. And yes maybe i am a bit spoiled after using Keyshot for some years but it would be great if i can use one piece of software for both CAD and visualisation.

There is a slider for transparency on certain materials, but not all. I too, would like to see it made available for all materials. i.e.: allowing a customer to see through a desk for example to show a hidden compartment.

Hello Tom
I do agree here. Especially because the materials where I expect transparency aren’t transparent.