Visualization transparency

Suddenly the transparency slider has disappeared in visualizations? I can change colors but I can’t seem to make any of my objects transparent. The “simple transparent material” works to my parts transparent in the design model, but is washed out in visualization.

Any ideas what’s happening?

Hi and welcome to the community!
Is this what your speaking about?

No, everything looks normal in visualization except there is no slider control for transparency. See below

Same here, only the “Simple Transparent Material” has the slider from the transparent materials, but it doesn’t work well either. On the default material it is OK.

It depends on the material you choose. You`re using the glass one with a fixed trancparency…. Only the “default” / “standard” material has trancparancy slider from what I can see.

Shapr3d should however maby add som sliders to the glass options to controll refraction and frosting though.

Thank you. I went back thru the YouTube videos and I guess I assumed everything had transparency option.

I’ll make due. Still a great feature.