Transparent background (reverse problem)

Hello. My issue is I would like to bring font into Shapr3d as a .png or .psd file and have the background recognized as not there. Meaning I can bring a letter “A” into Shapr3d with transparent background yet it still considers it a rectangular canvas not as a letter “A” shape. Is there a way to do this? I will give you money immediately if there’s a way for me to do this. :laughing:

Hi @Indyflyer Welcome to the Forum
I am not able to offer you a solution to your enquiry but do have a deep interest in Importing Text to S3D.
There is a huge interest in this aspect amongst Members, as a simple Search will reveal, and recently the Official interest of S3D was expressed:

I am also very interested regarding your Use of the Feature you require.
Please can you explain what the Full Rectangle will achieve compared to the A Shape?
Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Given that a Text Feature may not be available for some time several alternatives have been suggested by Members, over a very long period. For ease of use, those that deploy the whole of the required Annotation seem to be best. Whole Annotation refers to a single Character right through to a Lengthy Combination of Text and Symbols.

Happy S3Ding.

Hi Andy, fonts are better supported by the app in DWG/DXF vector formats. This way it’s imported as a drawing that can be edited in the app and from which you can generate 3D bodies.

The app supports PNG format import but this will be imported as an image and 3d bodies can not be generated from images, only from drawings.
You also can import nicely designed letters as an image and the use the image as an outline to trace the sketch in the app if this is the case.

I will suggest you create the letter using Illustrator or Autocad and then import it into the app in DWG/DXF format.

Also here’s a drawing workspace of all letters created by an amazing user that can be downloaded and imported into the app:

Thanks for the input. Anyand all help is appreciated.

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