Text in shapr?

Come on, surely there is a basic text function in shapr? I’m having to painstakingly trace text from an imported file. Not good.

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If you have Software that can handle DXF create the text required and Import.
Keep it to single Words as realigning within S3D can be cumbersome.
Alternatively there are several On-Line Free to use services.
Your requirements join many existing requests.

Thanks. The 2d apps on my IPad do not convert to DXF. I can convert it through other programs on my desktop machine. But should not have too… cheers.

There was a post sometime back, where a user created a text file, letters only, which we could download. Anyone recall who that was, or the post? I have the file, so I will attach it when I get back to my laptop.

There are at least a couple of Threads offering Lettering as a quick solution.
My input on the subject encompassed a wider range of Characters:


The above Thread was not mentioned previously because that MO is outdated by the DXF route.
DXF wins hands down during the Composing process.
Accidental Deselection of the Copied Characters is a major problem. It can be a massive task to Reselect individual parts.

Thanks for the info.