Trim Tool Missing

Hi @ramanjitsingh, can you please post a full screenshot?

Thanks for sharing, we will look into this asap.

Istvan really needs a screenshot with the sketch selected. The Trim tool will never be visible when working in 3D mode.


The most likely problem is that the Trim tool (that would be the bottom-most one) gets cropped because the vertical resolution is not enough. What is your screen resolution? Could you switching the app to full screen mode with the little rectangle icon in the bottom right corner or moving it to a different screen with a bigger resolution and see if the trim tool appears.

If that’s the case, fixing that is on our backlog. It’s indeed terribly confusing right now and should be handled better, and we are on it.

Yeah, it worked on a bigger screen as well as on the screen of the laptop if i reduce the text size. Not a great solution and hope, as you mentioned, that you can handle better.

Thanks for checking it! We’ll make sure to fix it soon.

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