Trouble Using Groups Tool

I’m new to Shapr 3D. I’m really enjoying the ease of use on the iPods pro 12.9". In just a couple days I’ve been able to learn to model some invention designs without any CAD or engineering training.

I haven’t been able to get the “groups” tool to work properly. I’m using the free version. Is this function disabled on that version?

Hi Christian,

happy about the progress.

it’s not disabled, works for all versions. what do you mean by “properly”?

It just doesn’t seem like it works. When I watch tutorials it looks like there are different icons that I can select or deselect and mine always appear deselected.

I’m probably just not sure how to properly use the groups function. I need some help with understanding the workflow and called to go about best utilizing it. I’m new to CAD programs and i have been able to work through just about every other function Cory well. Im just struggling with this one.

Can you share some screenshots, highlighting the problem?

Make sure to swipe left to see delete/renaming functionalities and make sure that your groups are visible (eye on the left corner). If they are not visible, click on the arc on the right corner to make it visible again. See pictures

Ok thanks. I have that working. I’m probably in need of a tutorial on how to efficiently put the groups function to work. I don’t think I’m maximizing its utility.

When would this function be useful?


You can use the Groups to hide/transform/manipulate shapes easier, for a more convenient modeling experience.