Trouble when importing step file from Kicad

Hi, I have a big step file (over 90Mb) generated by kicad.
is impossible to move (select all from left to right)
but i noticed that the object is very big, maybe out of scale? it should be about forty centimeters wide
what can it depend on? what can I do?
even the resize doesn’t work, whatever I do, my mac stays in guru meditation for many seconds and doesn’t do any operation. (I have a mac book pro M1 with 16 Gb of ram)

Hi! Can you please upload your workspace and the mentioned .step file so we can investigate the issue? It would be helpful to know the version of your App and OS as well.

at this link you can find the step file

Thanks for your workspace. I’m discussing with the developer team to investigate this issue. We’ll be in touch with you.

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