Impossible to move complex PCB rendering

Hi, i’m quite new to the 3d world
i have the annual subscription

i have imported .step file created from a PCB design in kicad
is a NDA project so, i can’t share more info, but i have this problem

i’m unable to move or rotate the PCB (

if i select all (the pcb and the components) i can see the arrows but when i try to move, i get the ‘loading’ icon on the top and nothing moves. I can move the single objects.

I’m on MacOS M1 (and i have also the ipad pro but never tried)


Hello, can you please share your PCB file here?

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If you select only the PCB will it move? Also check to see it any object shows as “locked” when using the move tool.

I can’t because the nda, sorry

yes, single parts moves
but I have discovered a thing :wink:
if you select all from left to right, it moves!

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Hey, it is possible that some of the edges were not selected which prevented moving the body. It does matter where you start the lasso from and you can filter the selection while dragging the lasso :wink:

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