New to Shapr3d


New to Shapr3d … Recently started using the free version to become familiar and antiquated with the bells and whistles of the program. I’ve not committed to the Pro version as yet but close. Very impressed with performance and results so far. My background was Photoshop for years, now Affinity Photo and Solidworks. I’m a loyalist to Solidworks to the end but enjoy my iPad immensely for a myriad of things…

My main interest is doodling Alternative Energy Concepts…

This is a rough layout to a non-mechanically moving components generator concept … most of the components needed are not doodled as yet…



Really nice work for a newbie. I don’t know much about SolidWorks (only briefly looked at it) but I think that you can be more creative in Shapr3d.

At least you can be more comfortable in an armchair with your iPad…




Welcome to the new island :palm_tree: it’s a heaven !
Go luck


Thank You very much!!! I’m thoroughly enjoying the forum. I’m observing a lot of extraordinary and humbling doodles which inspire me to do more with Shapr3d. I recently purchased the iPad, iPhone and pencil. I’m now realizing the benefits.

Yes, I’ll certainly be spending most of my time on Shapr3d doodling until I reach an obstacle I can’t bypass which I optimistically don’t see occurring anytime soon.

Yes, the new island :palm_tree: is certainly a heaven!!! Like minds for sure!!!


Some goofy doodling… :crazy_face:


Could it be cold fusion? LOL




:thinking::woozy_face: No, not this one at least :nerd_face:


Ambiguous at best… :sunglasses:







Yeeeees!!! Nothing like doodling to release a little steam… :wink: :wink::joy: