Truck Concept, Paul inspired 😎

Ok Paul, I just started on another truck concept … sort of … chopping things up from the old and laying things out for a single seater … sweeps, lofts and curves oh my… :joy:image


Very Nice
Where is the Motor going?

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Thank You!!! The Engine or Motor will be in the rear … I’m leaning towards electric on this one … With the monster tires, I’ve created a bit of a conundrum for the horsepower that will be required!!! :sunglasses:

All in Fun and learning different techniques with Shapr3D!!!

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There’s more space in the rear than it might originally look from the first pic … the perspective view is set at 56 degrees when I did the screen shot…

Anyhooo plenty of room to slide the seat back and still have storage space…

Drive shafts, axles and so on look way to small as image with some of the mounts and tubing and such … all those will be adjusted as I doodle along… :sunglasses:


Loving your work my friend.
Beyond my imagination though.
Looking forward to seeing where this ends up.
Best wishes

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Thank You very much Paul!!!

Best wishes to you and your family…

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Added 4 independent Electric Wheel Motors and some other stuff…


360 volt AC operating system - 100amp DC Battery Charger - DC Air Compressor - 75k watt DC Generator - Battery Layout - and miscellaneous…

No issues what so ever with Shapr3D or iPad at this juncture … it’s still a small file around 15.4 MB in size…

The only issue right now is I have no idea what I’m doing!!! :joy:

image image image