Single Seat Tube Car 8 Concept

Roughing in layout components stage…

Engine: Not sure … hybrid, slightly combustible, compressed air so far… :crazy_face:

Frame: Fully Encompassing - Texting proof… :man_facepalming:t3:

Bottom Line: It’s doodling engaging minimal consciousness of time or direction… :person_in_lotus_position:t4:‍♂

Snap Shots: Shapr3D

Image Adjustments: Affinity Photo

Some major cool image shots coming out of Shapr3D imho!!!

Rock & Roll 2020!!! :partying_face:


I like the concept, the motor display is a little confusing. Myself I would opt for a tube frame that would allow you to lean into turns with a top speed of 45-50 mph
Since I am just starting to work with Shapr3D I don’t have a drawing yet.

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Thank You Dave!!! Yes, the motor display is confusing to me also hence I’m doodling an array of objectives :joy: One method of achieving lean into turns can also include swivel joints or ball mechanisms … at this stage it certainly appears ridged for sure … no suspension or anything like that yet … maybe a gyroscopic stabilizer if you lean to far? All in fun…:sunglasses:

I think you’re going to enjoy Shapr3D!!!:+1:t2:

Nice work! An air motor could make a lot of sense. Check out the expired patents and Google T.F. Hanson for ideas. An air motor can be made with very few tools. And if you take the concept further you can pressurize the tube structure essentially strengthening it while providing additional ‘fuel’ storage. Somehow I think that the trend toward electric vehicles missed a truly zero footprint solution.



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Thank You Tommy!!! I’ll check out T.F. Hanson!!! I’ve always liked AirPower concepts … Yes, the tubing structure would be ideal for storage … Electric is an improvement but not an overruling replacement as yet? Batteries are the Achilles heel imho … I like the effects of dry ice coming in contact with warm water!!! Now there’s some release of Energy!!! :flushed::triumph::grimacing:

No suspension, not something I would want to be on for more than a block. If the frame tilted and did so because it was mechanically tied into the suspension and steering, it should steer effortless. Also have pedals with electric assist

I agree with you 100% :+1:t2: