True circle

Hi hope someone can help me.

I make industrial seating for a living and when I’m trying to draw a circle eg. 2m circle and I want to send the plans over to a CNC machine shop to be machined the shape has lots of flat sides rather than a continuous curve. How can I correct this?


I’d be happy to look into it, can you help me with few more details about your project? What format did you use as the output format? What kind of CNC machining did you use (2D, 3D etc.)? If possible can you share here the design or few screenshots so I can understand better what should have been the outcome?

The formats I send or receive are DWG or DXF files. The design is nothing special it’s just a big circle with a planter in the middle (looks like a top hat) and the CNC’s are nesting and podding CNC routers. I will try and send the drawing after as I didn’t complete it as I could see there was a problem. Thanks

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