Tubes are not empty


First - congrats for this awesome piece of software !

Now here is my problem:

  1. I draw a tube and shell it
  2. I draw another tube and shell it
  3. I make them cross each other … the intersection is not empty in both tubes.

same problem when I want to make a cube with a tunnel in it…

  1. I make a cube
  2. I draw several circles and do a loft with them to form a tube
  3. I make a shell in the lofted tube
  4. I want to move the cube so it is around the tube but I want the inside of the tube empty

… it is not empty and I dont understand how to make it empty.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

draw 2 solid tubes that intersect. sketch smaller circle on the end of one tube and extrude that. repeat with the other tube.

Another way is: draw a circle, rotate them ,pull them to tube, then union, after it use the shell tool, select both of 4 ends, set the wallthickness.
Later you can set wallthickness one by one if you need, tap inside the tube

Doing the sketch and go to offset edge to get thickness of tube .
Then drag the hi lighted part to make the first tube, then hi light both the sketch and the tube and duplicate both pieces to make the second tube or create a new sketch with new dimensions line up tubes. Then use the center part of the sketches to remove the center of tubes .

One of the best parts of this app is there’s a lot of different ways to get the same results.

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Thanks for your inputs ! :slight_smile:

What about this ? Put a complex tube shape into a solid. How to empty it ?

Subtract the tube from the blue, keep the origin, then delete what inside the tube

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You made my day ! Thanks JST :beers: