Subtract shell opening

I have a hollow object (a torus but I have the same issue with any open channel object) of some nominal thickness that I’d like to intersect a surface (in my case a curved one) so that the object opening is retained across the surface.

In the picture I’ve created what I’m going for with a hollow torus and a flat planar surface. I think I’ve tried all permutations of Union, Intersect, and Subtract but perhaps I’m missing something. Ideas? Links to similar forum topics?

If this helps make sense I’m trying to delete half of the torus so that it’s kind of like a manifold. Hope this helps make sense.


this is a quick and dirty way to solve the problem:

I’ll ask @CadTamas, our in-house CAD professional to look at the problem and come up with a better solution

Maybe it’s in the way we make our tubes. I made a ring of 2 circles then revolved them into a torus. Looks like you did something different but I don’t see what. Can you show or explain how you did it?

I use Sweep, works with Revolve as well. Here is a comparison video:

The key is to put your sketches in the same folder as your body - this way, it will be easier to move them together

Thank you so much! I managed to do it just as you say and it looks great. Now I’d like to rotate the tube around the curved surface and have the hole openings. Ive attached a picture showing how the face replacement isn’t revolved with the body. Thank you again for your help!!

Hi - you can rotate holes as well. Ideally you should rotate the holes and around the same Pivot rotate the tube

  1. hide the tube
  2. select the hole
  3. go to Move/Rotate
  4. Rotate the hole with a certain degree
  5. Rotate the tube with the same degree, around the same pivot (center of your main body)

Here is a video:

Hope this helps