Create irregular hollow spaces inside a shape

Simple question but I am obviously not searching the right words -

I’m making a rough wireframe of a multi level train carriage that’s going into other software for me to sketch over.

I want to carve out interior spaces inside my carriage that do not join up with the outside, and the extrude tool does not seem to let me do it (adding shapes inside the carriage, then selected them but shapr does not let me use the extrude tool in that context) and the hollow tool just hollows everything evenly which is not what I want.

I have tried several different tools and videos and cannot find this use case covered anywhere.

What am I missing?

Hello Iliketrains,
Try the following:

  • Hide the body you want to subtract from
  • make an extruded body from your sketch
  • Unhide the first body again
  • select both bodies and use the subtract-command to subtract the second body from the first.
    Cheers Matt

Thanks Matt, that works.

I haven’t done modelling or cad sketching in a few years and I know what I want to do, but shapr3d does everything slightly differently :blush:

No problem, you are welcome!
I am happy to know that you are back on track on your road to success with Shapr3D, again! :wink:
Do not hessitate to place your questions here - I’ll be here to help amongst all the other cool guys in the shapr-community.
Cheers Matt