Hi there. I would appreciate some feedback as to whether tutorials like this would be helpful to new users of Shapr3d. I have started this tutorial for modelling the Apple Watch - happy to complete if you think this sort of thing would be helpful.


This is great. Even if I like video turoials for 3D tools better this is a great start. I think with such a step by step tutorial people will learn how to use the app and its tools.

Thanks and keep it up. :thumbsup:

A bunch of work for you but very useful. I didn’t know what the section tool was for until you explained it.

I’ve completed the tutorial on how to make the Apple Watch which anyone can download for free. If you click on the link below you should be able to download the tutorial as a pdf. Would someone let me know if it works - thanks. Andy


Thank you very much. This is awesome!

I’ve made a tutorial on how to model the flame guard for a lighter - see picture below. The tutorial demonstrates the use of top down and side views being combined using the section tool to create the right shape. You can download this tutorial for free by clicking on the link below.



Thank you Andy. Very helpful, I appreciate you doing this. You have a very logical approach to the order of how you use the tools. It seems so simple after watching you do them. It taught me I have to think the whole process through a little more before I start. You must be great at Chess. :grin: John

Many thanks John - I’m enjoying doing the tutorials

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Click on the link below to download this free tutorial on the use of the sweep and loft tools to make a tubular structure.



Click on the link below to download this free tutorial which shows how to combine three objects (top, side and front view) to create the trail for a cannon, with a single section action - and believe me, no one was more surprised than I was when this worked!



Wow Andy, these are really great. I think the rail could be done by creating a box and sketching on it, but this is a perfect solution.

Yes. I think you are right - possibly several options to create this. For some reason I find the section tool great fun - its a bit like a 3d puzzle.

WOW! You are a machine. So many awesome tutorials. I am impressed. Thanks a lot.


I think I’m addicted - havn’t shaved for a week - hardly eat now - just sit in front of the ipad using Shapr3d! But seriously - I am having great fun with it. Andy


Haha, please don’t starve to death, who would make awesome tutorials then? :smiley:

I feel a little crazy asking this, cause I think I must just be missing something. What units are used in this tutorial?
(This was supposed to be a reply to the apple watch tutorial, don’t know why it’s down here. I haven’t looked at the other tutorials yet.)

Shalan, when @awoodhead made the tutorials, units were not supported in Shapr :slight_smile: That was a long time ago :slight_smile:

Check out the pilot of the official tutorial series that we are working on: