Watch & Request Tutorials

We have officially launched our new tutorials page called Design School as of today (6 December 2017) where we teach you how to use Shapr3D. (Note: All tutorials are done with version 3.0. If you have an older version, make sure to update here:

The tutorial page is available on the web ( and from the app itself (at Watch web tutorials menu).


On the tutorial page you can filter by Levels.


And by Tools also.


We’ll keep updating this section on a regular basis. If you have any requests what we should model, just post a picture here as a response and we’ll put those objects on our list to create.

How does such a request look like? Like this:

“I want to know how to model a screw like this one.”

Posting an image really helps us to nail what you are after.

Enjoy our videos and happy modeling!
The Shapr3D team


I just found updates. It is 1am and I am still learning. It is like a new app to me! Cheers