Twisted square rod

i’d like to make a rod or post of square cross-section, twisted.

i made the attached with extrude, then twisting the top, then duplicated it vertically. it becomes thinner toward the center of the pieces.

is there a way to make one if uniformly square cross-section?


Have a look here…

thanks, good ideas. i tried the loft trick before i read this and didn’t think it worked but maybe it did.


Yes, I encountered the exact same problem you did. Then I realized that Loft was the way to go.

i measured the lofted one and on a 2cm square, 45 degree loft, the center square is about 1.8cm close, but not perfect.

If you twist 90degrees you will see that cross section area will be half as vertical edges are kept straight

right. If the area were constant, the edges would form a helix. Smaller rotations and shorter steps will get us closer to that, but I see no direct way of forming a uniform-thickness twist. Which is OK, I wound up not liking the look of it for what I’m doing anyway. :slight_smile: