Two things

I have a hell of a time getting the center points of any shape except circles and ovals to activate. It only ends up selecting the whole thing if it’s a square or triangle etc. if I try to zoom in the center point stays the same size. I have made a video so you can see what I mean - It seems the only way to move the parasolids is to select all its sides which is time consuming and terrible. This needs to be streamlined.

I would love to be able to select an entire sketch/body, press the stylus down till it "blinks’ or whatever and then be able to move it with the pen as I see fit.

The second thing is anytime I draw a sketch on a 3D surface and then extrude it, it becomes part of that body and is not its own shape. I have not found a way around that aside to make it elsewhere and then translate it over which is a HUGE workflow problem.


You can simply double tap on a sketch (not the filling, the sketches) to select the connected sketches. The points you are trying to select are just snap guides. The points with a black border are the points of the sketch. Plain white points are snap guides.

I don’t fully understand the second thing, can you elaborate a bit?

When you extrude a sketch from a face a boolean option appears next to the dimension. Tap on that an select new body.

In this video, you see when I hold down on a sketch or shape, there is a little blue circle that flashes? It would be nice if that “locked in” a way to drag the shape either 2d or 3D around with the stylus when it was fully highlighted.

Apply pressure, move shape, release.

Never noticed that before. I don’t believe it was in any of the old tutorial vids was it? How recent is that?

The blue circle if there for the tap - it is the motion to drop points with splines. That is the only way it is used currently.

As for the Boolean - it has been there quite a while - more than a few months

Right, but couldn’t it pull double duty if it’s not on a spline? It would speed up the workflow a bit yeah?

Yes, we are aware of this and experimenting with possible solutions

Cool. With things like workplaces that don’t have edges to highlight, that would be more convenient than having to click thru to the transform option.

Well said dear.