Making A Snap Point While Moving

Is there a way to turn an end of a line or a part into a snapping point while moving, so that you can accurately snap things together? Please see photo.

Try it without any Transform tool. Select the sketches you want to move, the handles will pop up with the selection. Use the handles to move the sketches, it snaps to mid and endpoints.

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Doing this works, but I noticed that you have to select each handle and turn it blue before it works. I’ve got a lot of handles. Is there a way to rapidly turn them all blue? I notice that when I double tap one handle it turns them all blue, but then the snapping effect doesn’t work.

Yes, a double tap or long tap works to select all connected sketches.

If you want the snap to work (sorry for leaving this out earlier), you should double-tap/long tap on the point you want to snap to somewhere. This should work :slight_smile:


That was a big help! Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

I have never properly taken to the basic MO of snapping while Sketching.
Certainly it is functional, but a simple long tap [or some may say tap brief hold] is a game changer.
Elevating it to a new level, typically S3D, something so simple has major positive impact.
Thanks so much for this valuable input.
Being cheeky :sunglasses: any chance you can encourage the Team to rake their grey stuff and add some similar gems?

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