Unable to finish the tutorial

Hi guys, how are you?

I’ve run the initial tutorial at Mac Os Beta version but at the step 5 the model doesn’t work.
The model it’s not activate the push/pull command and I can’t proceed to the next steps or start the works.

Is it possible to resend another link to run?


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Hi, which tutorial are you following?

Same Problem here, open app , follow the tutorial to step 5 and can’t go any further. can’t use the app at all

We are looking into the issue, thanks for reporting it. Which tutorial are you following @yetistu?

its step 5 on the tutorial showing the basics . step 5 is you can create a body from any closed sketch. can’t get any further or quit and get into he app at all

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The initial tutorial that open when I the software is initialized.
It’s a kind of mandatory tutorial, which teach the basic commands.
Without ending this tutorial you can’t start a new project.
The step 5 is not active.


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Yes, that’s clear, but we have 4 different versions of those :slight_smile:

Hi @yetistu and @fernandodiehl

Could you provide some more information to help the investigation?

Your OS version, app version, and especially the exact mac model would help a lot, as well as a video of what exactly happening/not happening.


Hi Laci and Istvan,

Thanks for your attention!

Here are some information about my laptop:
MacOS Big Sur Version 11.2.3
MacBook Pro retina, 13-inch, early 2015
3.1 GHz intel Core i7

the software version: Shapr3D-

and a image of the step that doesn’t work:

I hope that these informations could help you guys.

Best regards,



Yes, super helpful, thank you. We are investigating the issue.

We were able to reproduce the issue, looking into a fix currently. Will keep you updated.

Same issue here! Hope it gets solved soon.

Yes, a fix is on it’s way.

Same. And no way to get to the app without finishing the tutorial, I assume.

Thanks. Finally ready to pull the trigger on a Hobby sub. Wanted to try the Mac version out to confirm usefulness. Keep up the work - this is all great!!

The fix for the issue will come out on Monday, sorry for the long wait!

Fix is out, it might take up to 24 hours to reach everyone. Version 4.1.1., please update to it.

Works like a charm now! Thanks!

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Great, works perfectly!
Let’s go work and see the possibilities :grinning:

Thank you guys!

Best regards

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Idle suggestion: a “skip tutorial” button somewhere, anywhere for those that may be quite acquainted with the software and are reinstalling it on a fresh machine