Tutorials no longer current?

So… almost a year ago, at the advice of a friend, I tried out Shapr3d, and it seemed perfect for what i needed! The BEST feature, was the built in tutorials, that you could pause, rewind , etc…!! I was using this feature, to teach myself, and three home school students (3rd threw 5th grade), the basics!

… and then… after about a month… one of the kids was upset… the tutorials no longer showed what the program was showing. Apparently the software “updated”… and now, the tutorials are telling you to click buttons that are no longer there… and are completely useless.

The suggestion to use the youtube tutorials instead, is very cumbersome, using a second device…

I have written to support, several times, and April 7th, was told that the new tutorials would be in the new release, coming out by the end of the month.

I wrote again in May, saying that it had been more then a month… and there was no reply to my email.


  1. are the in program tutorials going to be fixed/updated???

  2. if not, can I roll back my version, so that it works with the tutorials?

I went from very happy, to EXTREMELY disappointed with this software, and I only have a month now, to decide if I should cancel my subscription. If i want to stick with cumbersome youtube tutorials, there are at least 15 other programs out there… many cheaper then this one.

Please. Someone… tell me how to fix this, and convince me not to leave this program.

Thank you for any help.

The built in tutorials works for me.
Latest version 3.46.1

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Hi, can you please tell us which tutorials are obsolete? We did our best to update all of them before we released the latest update, but maybe we missed a few. Sorry about that.

i went through all the tutorials i think when starting and every one worked fine for me. Which one isnt working for you?

possibly with the new adaptive UI its confusing you. you could turn that off in the settings that would possibly make it different

Thank you to everyone who replied… this is making me think that either I did not describe my issue well enough, or that issue was that MY Ipad did not update properly.

So… to describe my issue, in more detail:

I create a new doc. I click the " ? " , and select “Modeling intro”

TWO video tutorials are offered. I am going to select Triangle Cap, because I know it runs afoul very early in the design.

Fairly early , it says:
Go to Transform -Move/Rotate/Scale
THIS IS NO LONGER AN OPTION… Move/rotate is one button, Scale is another.

It then says select the circle, and click “copy”
“copy” is not an option that comes up anywhere.

The image on the tutorial is showing screen options that are not comping up with the program.

Does this clarify the difficulty that is happening?


From your reply, it makes me think we are not talking about the same thing.

To the best of my knowledge, there are only two tutorials built into the app: Bracket mount and Triangle cap.

Being able to follow along, step by step, and recreate these models while following the tutorial is an excellent way for a student to not only learn the software, but also the vocabulary/terminology for 3d drafting.

There are a lot of 3d drafting programs out there… (some free, or not)… and either the company, or sometimes just youtube channels, will create demos. The problem, is that if the versions are not the same, you quickly run into frustrating road blocks. It is also not always easy to have the youtube on one device, while trying to follow along on another.

THIS was the feature that your software had, that made me willing to bite the bullet, and pay what ? $250 ? for one year? My year is up in abut 4 weeks… :frowning:

Hi @Mikewinters617

You are right, the triangle cap tutorial is badly outdated.

Until it is updated, we planned to temporarily hide the triangle cap tutorial. Unfortunately we forgot to remove access through the Help menu like you mentioned. We will be removing it completely until it is updated.

I am sorry for the confusion and disappointment this caused.

Please check the bracket mount tutorial, you should find that it is kept up to date with each change to the product experience. We are also working on creating new in-app tutorials which we will keep updated once released.


Well… after your reply, i tried the bracket mount tutorial, and you were correct!! it worked!! and you said you were working on more new in-app tutorials!!! Great!!! So I paid for another year!!!

… and two months later… the bracket tutorial is out of date… and there are no new tutorials… up to date, or not.

I am very disappointed.

Mike Winters

Hello Mike,

in-app tutorials are still need to be updated - not sure when it will happen, but it’s on our mind. While we do that we’ve started to release a new tutorial every other week. You can find the first two installment here:

These are not in-app, but you can open the Youtube app next to Shapr3D by using iOS’s multitasking feature: - YouTube

Thank you for the quick reply.

As I stated 6+ months ago, one of the main features that I liked about Shapr3d, was the in-app tutorials. I guess it does not seem like a big deal to you, but to be able to have a kid do those walk throughs, and then print the part out for them on a our 3d printer, really got them excited, and build confidence.

trying to do it with multi windows, or multiple devices, adds another lay of complexity, that we were trying to avoid.

It was also my (apparently inaccurate) expectation, that the in-app tutorials would avoid one of the most common frustrating thing about Youtube tutorials: Tutorials that are not up to date with current version of the software.

I totally see your point - it is on our to-do list and we will have an in-app tutorial as soon as we can. Sorry about the wait. I can’t promise you an exact date, just that it will come. I will send your feedback to the Product Content team so they can prioritize accordingly

Being up-to-date is a priority for sure. We have hired our first Video Producer a few months back for this exact reason, and he already has some plans to make sure that being always up-to-date happens!

Is there any progression? I did the one you have with my students and they loved it.

No new tutorials within the app, but we have a lot of new ones on our YouTube. We release one every week nowadays. You can find them all in this playlist: Step-by-Step Modeling Guides - YouTube

The latest installment:

Tutorials are pointless if they’re not within the window so I can actually do them, how can I view while working. , otherwise they’re not helpful, especially the motor one being 2 years old