Unable to move screw straight into surface from tutorial

I don’t have a subscription yet as I’m trying to learn what I can in advance.

I was following the Shapr3D tutorial on YouTube and couldn’t figure out why I am unable to move the screw straight into the end cap as shown in the video. Do I need a perpendicular plane or did I miss a step? I backed up and tried again about a half dozen times but it never works for me.

It’s at 5:25-5:30 mark in this video:

Prior to rotating the screw and the hole 45 degrees, it translates as you would expect. After the 45 degree rotation, it no longer does. Am I rotating around the wrong part of the end cap or something?

Hi, can you please upload a screenshot after selecting the screw?
What I would guess is two things:

  1. The gizmo is not placed on the top plane of the screw and you do not have the axial direction of the screw to move along
  2. Auto orientation is turned off on the upper side of the screen. If you turn it on, the gizmo will orient to the screw’s local coordinate system instead of the workspace’s coordinate system

Thank you, please grab the midpoint of the gizmo with the pencil and move it to the perimeter of the upper circular plane of the screw. By moving the point, the screw will stay where it was, just the gizmo will be relocated/oriented

That did it - thanks much!