Unable to Type in Dimensions after 5.190 update

This has already been emailed to Shapr3D support. Just curious to see if there are others experiencing this.

I normally don’t like upgrading the moment something new comes out. I was having an issue with “some sketches may be missing” between iPad and Mac using sync, and support suggested I upgrade from 5.180 to 5.190. Haven’t seen it happen, but not sure that was the issue.

Now I can’t type in dimensions. Try to add a rectangle with center origin point. After clicking, I can’t type in dimensions. See attached video. You either have to click in the dimension box that’s already highlighted, or accept the dimensions, then go in and change them. Before, creating a custom rectangle was as simple as placing a center or corner point, typing one dimension, hitting tab, typing the other dimension, and hitting enter to finalize and escape to close sketch.

Now it involves clicking on something already highlighted. Or creating a dummy box, and then going back in and manually resizing. Small things, yes, but so much of what we do with this program is muscle memory and quick little sequences of input, and it slows me down tremendously to have to change that pattern.

FWIW, I have confirmed this also affects the iPad update. In 5.180, it worked fine. You could use mouse / trackpad on iPad to click a center or corner point, and then type in dimensions, hit tab, type in dimensions, and enter to finalize. Now, typing does nothing, and tab only switches between the two. I have a video reproducing this, also, if needed.


We are aware of this issue and it is going to be fixed in 5.192.
Thank you.

Maya, has anyone else reported a perceived slow down with 5.19? I am perceiving slower performance with new and existing models. McD

Thank you, @Maya_Wakeem. I appreciate that. Is there an estimated timeframe for this release? Days, weeks? Not to be dramatic, but this has put a significant hamper on my productivity. I know it wasn’t intentional. I have today, Saturday, and Sunday to finish a project, and I’m afraid I’m going to miss the deadline. I’ve attempted to revert to 5.180, but having opened the design in 5.190 has made it where I can’t use it in 5.180.

@McD I have experienced major slowdowns in 5.180 and 5.190. Strangely enough, moreso on an M1 Pro MacBook Pro than my A12Z iPad Pro. Orbiting takes more effort, and occasionally I will have lines being drawn that have one defined end point, and I’m moving to define the other end, and it just gets stuck and won’t move. So I have to click to define end point, which will result in some crazy diagonal, delete the line, and then redo the line.

If everything goes well, we’ll push 5.192 out tomorrow.

We’re looking into the slowdown issues – any more feedback or detail, or any specific model where you see it being dramatically worse is welcome.

Peter, it became very obvious in 5.190 when using the text function. Tom